Our history

PreDiagnose is a spinout company from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) founded in 2017 by a PhD graduate in nanotechnology and molecular biology. The idea of the company was conceived when it was discovered that the available diagnostic tools today are not sufficient to detect bacterial infections in the early stages. The lack of timely diagnosis gives the bacteria time to develop into severe infections with fewer options and less effective drugs to completely treat the patients. The technology developed in PreDiagnose is able to radically change this situation by providing doctors with reliable diagnostic tools that with a press of a button can identify an infection – much earlier than the current diagnostic tools are capable of today. Early diagnostics will enable early treatment before an infection gets out of control.

Our mission

  • To provide health care givers diagnostic tools to make early diagnosis

Our mission is to provide health care givers diagnostic tools to make confident diagnostic decisions to prolong the lives of the patients and enhance the life quality. It is our ambition to revolutionize the way microbial diseases are diagnosed by introducing simple, reliable and fast diagnostics that within a minute can identify an early infection or a virulent colonization.

We aim at making it possible for vulnerable patients to frequently monitor their infection status at home with the results being sent directly to the doctor that can make an immediate informed decision regarding treatment. Our technology will also help caregivers double check whether a given type of antibiotics has eradicated the infection after end of treatment.

Our vision

  • To improve global healthcare by complete eradication of infections due to early diagnostics

The need for new tools to combat bacterial infections is large, acute and worldwide. Bacterial infections are one of the biggest causes of mortality in the world, and it is therefore essential that we reduce the consumption of antibiotics, so we avoid contributing to resistance problems.

Our vision is to improve the global healthcare by enabling early diagnosis of infections PRE the methods available today. Capturing initial infections at their initial stages can prevent chronic infections, excessive use of antibiotics and stop the increased antibiotic resistance of microorganisms.